Transportation Technology for Commercial Aircraft Building

Aerospace Industry


Wheelift’s transporter technology supports cutting-edge composite manufacturing processes for commercial jet airliners.


Provide a compact, high-capacity transporter to carry a wide variety of composite assembly fixtures and support tooling through the manufacturing and curing process.


Wheelift engineered and built transporters to safely move the large, heavy tooling required for assembly of composite aerospace structures.


  • 50-ton load capacity
  • 48VDC battery powered
  • Driven by AC servo motors
  • Real-time center of gravity monitoring
  • Multiple vehicles can be operated together for larger payloads
  • Wheelift wireless remote

    Operators steer Wheelift transporters from a wireless remote pack.

  • Headless Wheelift Transporter

    The headless Wheelift transporter allows for maximum manufacturing flexibility and precision.

  • Commercial Aircraft

    Wheelift transporters help commercial airline manufacturers when precision is important.

About the Product.

Precision is extremely important in the manufacture of composite aircraft components.  The precision motion capability built into the Wheelift product allows the customer to properly position tooling and fixtures for successful manufacturing.

All of Wheelift’s transporters are built with safety in mind. This fleet of transporters features a variety of safety mechanisms, including:

  • Emergency stop relay monitoring
  • LED lights to announce operation, faults, and warnings
  • Multiple emergency stop pushbuttons
  • High-resolution monitor (HMI) for optimal operator viewing and monitoring

In addition to precision, the Wheelift transporters also enhance this manufacturer’s processes overall. The transporters provide the capability to conduct consistent, repeatable processes for a uniform product. And they do so in a way that’s flexible and scalable.

The facility saw the following benefits:

  • Precision alignment of large tooling
  • Higher degree of flexibility for multiple tasks
  • Expert operation through simple wireless joystick control
  • Increased safety

If your manufacturing process requires precision movement of large or heavy payloads, contact us.