Features & Advantages

Wheelift makes moving heavy loads simple

Each feature detailed below contributes to the capacity, precision, and maneuverability of our line of Wheelift transporters. 

Wheelift SPMTs, AGVs, and transporters are heavy-duty, large-capacity wheeled carriers for moving loads from A to Z and every point in between. Unlike other transporters, Wheelift’s vehicles combine unique patented technologies into one robust, fully capable machine to allow you to move ultra-heavy loads with incredible precision.

Each transporter is customized and built based on individual customer needs, but all stand above the rest when it comes to efficiently moving parts, products, and other large and heavy loads.

Each feature detailed below contributes to the capacity, precision, and maneuverability of our line of Wheelift transporters.

Wheelift Operator Belly Pack

Omni-directional Travel

Wheelift’s transporters rotate their axles on a dime, without moving, allowing them to operate in smaller spaces with precision alignment (1/8”). Because of this, our transporters are much more than just high-capacity trailers—they’re a solution to assist with processes throughout your facility.

Omni Directional Travel

Equalized Suspension

The fluid equalizing suspension, integrated across every axle in the system, is critical to much of what sets Wheelift transporters apart. Our vehicles intelligently bear and disperse the loads uniformly over all axles, allowing them to lift, move, and set extremely heavy loads on weak or thin floors, as well as operate on uneven surfaces.

Equalized Suspension


Multiply the capacity of your Wheelift transporters by combining and synchronizing several vehicles to act as one. Up to 4 Wheelift transporters can be dovetailed to safely achieve higher capacity and work together as one larger vehicle. Efficient control and coordination of all radio communications between the transporter, the machine operator, and any necessary safety monitors ensures that all move functions and safety requirements are met.

Multi-Mode Transporters in Tandem


Wheelift transporters are entirely self-contained—external propulsion is not required. Because of this, Wheelift transporters can be used indoors and outdoors, with no worry about providing external forms of power (tuggers, pushers, or bearings). 

Self-Propelled Transporter


When you’re carrying 50 to 500 tons or more, you need assurance that the load is secure. Wheelift transporters use live center of gravity (cG) monitoring to determine the exact point for optimum load position and balance. As your load is being moved, our transporter continually monitors and reports necessary adjustments to retain stability, eliminate faults, and avoid hazardous situations.

Heavy Load Transporter Stability