Transporter Stability

Built for Balance

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Where heavy loads are concerned, balance and stability are imperative. Wheelift understands that and has developed technologies and features that improve stability to unprecedented degree. Our transporters can even carry heavy loads over uneven surfaces and in some cases up to a 4% grade.

Live cG Monitoring

Wheelift transporters use live center of gravity (cG) monitoring to determine the exact point for optimum load position and balance. It virtually calculates the exact point where, if you could somehow suspend the load from that location, the load would be perfectly balanced.

As the vehicle is driving, our transporter continually monitors and reports necessary adjustments to retain stability, eliminate faults, and avoid hazardous situations. Constant monitoring to ensure the cG stays within the controllable area over the vehicle is unique to Wheelift transporters and is key in preventing tip overs.

Equalizing Suspension

Fluid equalizing suspension is integrated across every axle on a Wheelift transporter. Our vehicles intelligently bear and disperse the loads uniformly over all axles, allowing them to lift, move, and set extremely heavy loads while retaining a safe load balance.


Wheelift transporters are built to carry heavy loads. As such, vehicle quality and strength are required. All transporters undergo a finite element analysis in the design phase to identify potential areas of high stress. Frame welds are 100% inspected using magnetic particle inspection.

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