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Fluid equalizing suspension is critical to much of what sets Wheelift transporters apart. By intelligently bearing and dispersing the loads uniformly over all axles, our vehicles can lift, move, and set extremely heavy loads on weak or thin floors, and operate on uneven surfaces.

Wheelift transporters integrate fluid equalizing suspension technology across every axle in the system, which dramatically increases capacities to a virtually unlimited weight.

No Special Surface Required

As load weight increases, equalizing suspension becomes more and more critical. The capability to disperse the load across all wheels allows transporters with heavy loads to travel over relatively thin and weak floor systems without the damage and difficulties caused by conventional wheel systems.

Wheelift fluid suspension completely isolates the moving tools from undulations and other irregularities in plant floor surfaces—essentially emulating precision ground rail movement. Massive structures can effortlessly move in any direction with precision and no resistance to reversing direction. This is functionality that is just not possible with conventional rails, wheels, rollers, or castered assemblies.

Further, each axle has a vertical travel center column that provides fluid equalizing suspension across all axles in the system and provides the lift for self-loading. The fluid lifting center column is the key to allowing independent on-center rotation of each axle for the transporter’s omni-directional travel  capability.

See It In Action

A North American aluminum supplier uses a Wheelift transporter with 3-point fluid equalizing suspension to ensure every wheel carries only its specific share of the load—regardless of variations, slopes, and irregularities in the floor surfaces.

To learn how equalizing suspension can improve safety and transport large loads across weak, thin, and uneven surfaces, contact us.

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