Below are some common questions from customers and others, along with their answers. Did we miss a question? Let us know.

  • What kind of capacity do Wheelift transporters have?

    Wheelift transporters are built to carry loads of 50 to 500 tons or more. Multiple transporters can be used in multi-mode to increase capacity even further.

  • How big are Wheelift Transporters?

    Wheelift transporters can be made in various sizes. 

  • What is a headless transporter?

    Headless” transporters have the engine and all the machinery components below the top deck of the transporter. On the contrary, “Headed” transporters house the engine/generator package, the hydraulic components, and electrical panels at one end of the transporter.

  • Why would I want a headless transporter?

    A Headless configuration allows the transporter to enter under a load from one side and exit the other, thus providing more maneuverability and flexibility.

  • What industries can benefit from Wheelift transporters?

    Manufacturing processes, in any industry, that require movement of heavy (more than 30 tons) have experienced process benefits by using Wheelift transporters. A few are profiled in our case studies.

  • How are Wheelift transporters operated?

    Steering, propulsion, and lift functions are controlled by the SynchroSteer® controller, and operator interface and control is through a hand-held wireless radio. Through a belly pack, a single operator—even in multi-mode—can control the forward and reverse speed of the vehicle; adjust the turning angle, travel mode, and travel speed; and raise and lower the load.

  • My facility has very limited space for maneuverability. Can a Wheelift transporter operate under those conditions?

    The omni-directional capabilities of Wheelift transporters allow immense flexibility in operating environment. Each wheel module on a transporter can rotate on its own centerline, allowing the transporters to travel in any direction without typical “turns.”

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